Student Life

The newly developed Buddy Program is a way of integrating and supporting international students right from the beginning of their exchange. Each student is given a ‘buddy’ upon arrival to help integrate with the University’s community and develop a support network. Through this program, the international student will be able to learn about Uruguayan culture and, at the same time, the UM student will serve as a resource about life in Montevideo. 

The University offers a variety of sports such as basketball, football, handball and hockey. Internal and inter-university tournaments are organized and participation in these teams is warmly welcomed and is a great way to discover other parts of Uruguay and integrate into the wider university life. The ‘Adventurer’s Club’ organizes outdoor activities around the country such as hiking and canoeing and an opportunity exists to do a trip to hike up Machu Pichu. 


For more information please visit UM’s sport website in Spanish. 

The UM encourages volunteering activities within the local community and has many links with projects around Montevideo. These opportunities are open to international students and are highly recommended to get a better idea of the realities of Uruguay.  

Internships are available for international students; you can apply to work with Uruguayan organizations or within the University itself and receive credit. Enrollment in a minimum of two courses is mandatory to be able to apply for an internship. Internships allow students to acquire a global vision and to demonstrate adaptability in an international setting. 

The University provides students with a library that offers a wide range of services: librarian help, silent and group study, book borrowing and renewal, e-book borrowing, reference services, international and national database access and ISBN services. There are lockers available outside the library. 

The UM also offers wireless on-campus and access to multiple computer labs throughout the University's many buildings. 

The Universidad de Montevideo does not provide on-campus housing. However, the Office of International Affairs sends out a housing list before the beginning of every semester with multiple choices of living situations such as international residences, house stays and independent rooms to rent. 

The UM strongly recommends to arrange permanent housing in Montevideo the student arrived. It is our suggestion that you book a hostel for the beginning of your stay so that you may search for appropriate housing during your first weeks here. 

The University Chaplaincy offers support to all members of the UM community who wish to avail themselves of this service, whatever their beliefs may be. It promotes various activities: spiritual retreats, formative courses, and preparation to receive the sacraments.  

There is a chapel in the University´s premises to facilitate sacramental practices and prayer. Holy Mass takes place from Mondays through Fridays. The Chaplain is also available to hear confessions. The Chaplain is pleased to attend to any requests for advice and guidance, both in human and in spiritual matters.